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at MAGIC BULLET we have film packages to suit all tastes and all pockets - whether you're looking for a simple video newsletter or a 2 day promotional film shoot we've got it covered


Firstly we’ll work with you and the team to really understand the key messages that your film needs to deliver.   Storyboard, interview questions and agenda that will underpin the filming are then created in collaboration with you.   On the day you’ll meet an experienced crew with professional broadcast quality kit, ready to direct and capture everything scoped out on the storyboard.  It’s then back to the edit suite, turning your vision into reality, getting the film into a draft format which you’ll review, guiding us on tweaks where needed to ensure that you are delighted with the final film.  After a final polish we’ll compress and deliver to your format requirements.



level 1: ideal for talking-head style films, video newsletters and podcasts


Need a video news letter, or a sorry I can’t be there message? our Bronze package is what you need.  It’ll take half a day to film the key interviews and some supporting cut away shots.  A quick edit and polish and you are ready to go.  When time is as key as the message, let us be the simple solution.

level 2: ideal for short promotional films, video case studies and video news releases


Perfect for a video case study or short promo, our Silver package offers a full day of filming in a single location, capturing your story through up to 3 interviews and supporting cut away shots.  Pack a punch with this promo package, a great small budget, big impact way to get a message to the masses.

silver plus


level 3: ideal for scenario-based training films


Scenario based training films really help bring the learning to life and increase the accessibility for the participants.  A silver package with a twist, capturing specific, scripted mocked up scenarios set to voice over, we need a bigger crew, to capture the day in every detail, still filmed in one day in one location, our latest addition to the package suite is quickly becoming a top seller.

level 4: ideal for promotional films


Got something to shout about? this is the one for you.  Let us create your showcase.  With 2 days of filming we have the time and flexibility to capture everything we need, focusing either on capturing a wider range of interviewees telling the story, or creating greater visual impact with a wider selection of stunning cut away shots, let us turn your vision into reality.

DVD Master for Duplication

If you would like a DVD Master created for duplication purposes we offer this as a bolt on service, including creation of disc artwork, DVD menu and adding copyright.

We also offer the following services to tailor a package to your specific needs:

Additional Filming Days

Cranes, Jibs & Dollies

Additional Editing Days

Professional Presenters

Teleprompter & Operator

Voiceover Artists

DVD Menu Authoring & Duplication


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